We hosted our annual Designer Day for our 25 designers this month.

Designers from all 14 Ripples showrooms, attended the Designer Day at the grand Madejski Stadium in Reading and Gilly Craft, president of the BIID, joined them for the event.

Sales Director, Nicola Crow, created an inspiring agenda for the day, with the ultimate aim to keep the Ripples bar set high. The day sets out to improve each designer, providing the tools for them to continually advance in areas such as customer service, bathroom design and presentation, all of which Ripples are famed for.

Gilly Craft, president of the BIID, held a stimulating workshop for the designers, encouraging the group to exchange ideas and discuss best practice within their role. She also used the occasion to review individual hand-drawn bathroom designs and provided invaluable advice to the designers. Senior Designer, Magdalen Hollings said ‘I found the entire day incredibly inspiring and everyone’s designs and presentations were excellent. I feel refreshed and as always, I’m very positive about the future’.