It has been proven that often the best time to start a business is during tough economic times. That has never been more true for the bathroom industry. Many talented people are looking to place their job security higher up their priority list and working for yourself is often seen as the only way to truly make that possible.

Low Rents. It is not a good time to be a property landlord at the moment and this makes it a buyers market. With landlords now offering 6 month rent free periods, no personal guarantees and no rent deposits, finding the right property at the right price has never been easier.

Flexible Showroom Size. Consumer habits have changed and showrooms no longer need thousands of square feet with display after display. Instead, high-quality showrooms such as a Ripples bathroom franchise can attract visitors from miles and our high-quality displays help inspire an educated consumer who has already used the Ripples Pinterest, Instagram and hugely successful web page to research their needs prior to visiting.

Low Start-up Costs. Opening your own Ripples franchise business is significantly cheaper than going it alone and for many reasons. Display products worth tens of thousands of pounds are available FREE OF CHARGE which ensures the only major investment is in the showroom refurbishment.

Funding. Interest rates are lower than they have been in most people’s lifetime and this makes start-up loans cheaper. Not only that but with the Low Start-up Costs and minimal investment required to open a Ripples franchise, the initial capital contribution can now be as low as £15,000.

Brand Awareness – Sales Enquiries. Opening a Ripples bathroom showroom guarantees you enquiries before you have even opened the doors. This is because our high profile consumer marketing campaigns are generating high-quality enquiries for all our showrooms on a daily basis. Typically it can take a business three-five years to get established, running a Ripples franchise gives you credibility from day one.

Consumer Market. If you have just spent the last four months at home and had no plans for a holiday, you would be looking at what how to improve your home and this is why we have registered a record number of enquiries and engagements with our company. Simply put, people want nice bathrooms and Ripples sell GREAT bathrooms.

Positive Housing Market. The removal of stamp duty on all purchases under £500k is driving a resurgence in the housing market that triggers a trickle-up effect as people move home. It is well known that the first rooms home-owners look to change after a move are bathrooms and kitchens.

Deferred Franchise Fee. Ripples are now in a position to offer a deferred franchise fee, putting in place a payment structure that sits in line with the business plan and helps reduce the financial impact on the business during its early years. This, in turn, reduces the investment required from any lender so a win-win for both partners.

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