The Ripples bathrooms franchisees recently celebrated our 33rd year in business at the brand new Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel. With many showrooms breaking records for sales, positive customer reviews, sales enquiries, the number of bathrooms sold and just about every other key area, it was not a surprise to see the team in great spirits.

Ripples Franchisees at the Fairmont Windsor Park annual conference

The Ripples franchise conference is the perfect time for the group to recap on a busy year, blow off a little steam – whether in the spa or the bar, and to focus on our ambitious plans for growth in 2022 and beyond. Managing director Paul Crow set out the company’s objectives as we look to expand the number of Ripples franchise showrooms and grow sales for all existing partners. “The combination of talented franchisees and a business format that gets stronger and stronger will continue to serve Ripples well today and in the future. As the demand for high quality bathrooms continues to grow, Ripples is well positioned to capitalise upon this to create further success for our franchisees.” concluded Crow.