We value the role of the bathroom designer in Ripples so much we consider it vital that we get them together every year so that we can share their huge wealth of knowledge.

The day kicked off with an introduction from Ripples Sales Director Nicola Crow and a quick look back at how the many previous designer days have helped Ripples continue to evolve and improve.  Mood boards are now the norm, presentation standards have improved significantly and the ability to go from site call measurements to installation pack with one piece of software has clearly been a welcome improvement in efficiency.

Team Ripples at the Ripples Designer Day

Ripples Marketing Manager Rachael McInnes provided an update on the marketing activity for the year and the plans ahead, and managing director Paul Crow outlined the key developments of the company and the main objectives next year.  

Sharing ideas, methods and best practices is key to Ripples development

A key part of the day was to focus the design brief provided to every Ripples designer on the sustainability. One of our core values, we are keen to ensure that can help our customers choose a bathroom that will support long lasting bathrooms that can help reduce water consumption where possible, whilst also sourcing as many products as we can from companies working with strong green policies.

Ripples managing director Paul Crow said of the day “it was yet another great event and one of my favourite in the many that we hold as a franchise group in the year. For us to continue to evolve and lead it is critical we listen to the people who meet our customers every day and as always, we learned so much at the Ripples designer day.”