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"We don’t have to worry about organising our own national media, our trading terms, or negotiate with any suppliers".

Martin Hammond, Solihull

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"Joining the Ripples franchise has given me control of my professional life."

Chris O'Halloran, Chelmsford


Nothing is more important to us than seeing our network succeed. Our franchisees are winners of such prestigious awards as the Master Retailer Award and the International Designer Awards. Our network boasts over 50 industry awards to date.

Our franchisees operate their beautifully-appointed showrooms in a market predicted to be worth nearly £1billion by 2016 and they consistently achieve higher gross profits than the industry average.

Our franchisees are so successful because they are as passionate about the business as we are. Passionate about the level of service they provide to their clients and about offering and delivering the highest quality products. From conceptual design in-store to seeing the finished bathroom, it’s all about being the very best at what we do. Ripples clientele are looking for more than just a bathroom, they’re looking for the experience. And together, we exceed their expectations.